Many of the fields in the tickets meta box are self-explanatory, but let’s run through each just to be sure.

  • Type lets you set a unique name for the ticket type – which might be something like Standard, Adult, etc.
  • Capacity is the number of tickets that are available: if you leave this blank it is assumed that there is no limit. If you have a limited number of spots for your event, you’ll want to make sure to set this accordingly.

Advanced fields:

  • Description is a good space to add any information attendees might be interested in, such as bring waterproof jackets or not recommended for children. You can choose to show or not in the front end ticket form.
  • Start sale dictates when the RSVP becomes available. If you’re using RSVPs on a post or page, this field is required. If you are making RSVPs on an event, you don’t need to set this field- by default sales will start when you publish the event or ticket.
  • End sale does the reverse – you can set this to a date after which users will not be able to RSVP. As with the start sale field, setting this is optional for events and the default is to stop sales when the event itself starts.

If you have Event Tickets Plus, you will also see an option here for collecting attendee information. This feature allows you to request additional information beyond the name and email of the person RSVPing. You can learn about this feature in our separate Attendee Information article.